People’s financial habits have changed over the last decades. In the past, saving accounts and passbooks were common where families were saving. But the availability of material things often leads to judicious decisions and buying what we don’t really need. A critique at

The lack of money in the family budget is then most easily resolved by borrowing. The availability of loans and various tempting offers have resulted in the fact that we are lending more and more.

Certainly, if you are sure that during the repayment period you will be able to pay the installment every month without problems, taking the loan is perfectly fine.

People have ceased to perceive the border between what they can and cannot afford and spend money on things without which they could still fully live.

With such ill-considered lending, they find themselves in a debt trap from which they only get in a very complicated way. They do not realize that the fast and easily available money is not theirs.

It is easier to think and consider risks ahead of time than to solve the problem of getting out of debt or bailing out execution or personal bankruptcy due to ill-considered borrowing.

1. Holiday


You will not enjoy your holiday on debt

Delighting a family with a luxury holiday is certainly not a bad idea, but only if you can afford to pay it from your own pocket. This is because you don’t have to go for a lot of money if you buy a last minute meal, but let us not agree.

Even if you buy any trip, holiday spending is not over. You will definitely want to see the surrounding area, buy something memorable and it all costs more money.

The loan is the ultimate solution to solve the necessary financial expenses . Honestly, would you enjoy your vacation when you know you bought it for debt?

When to borrow? Another is to take a study stay loan or a foreign language course, especially if you have a better job.

2. Payment of old debts

2. Payment of old debts

Time to repay old loans is approaching, but you don’t have the money available? The easiest thing to do is to take a new loan and repay the old debt. Think, you are just getting into a debt trap that makes it difficult to escape.

If you owe another company and you are unable to continue to pay the installments , the same situation occurs with the new loan. Therefore, try to request a deferred payment or a repayment schedule. Communication is the most important, and a company you owe will also appreciate a fair approach.

Do you owe money to your friends or family? When you explain the situation to them , they will certainly hold you and move the due date to a different date. Take it as a warning finger to make it more responsive and avoid the same situation in the future.

Article TIP: Do not lend to friends or family without a contract

3. Gambling

3. Gambling

People often play gambling in the hope that they will succeed in improving their financial situation. They are inspired by acquaintances who have happened to win nice money, but in 99% of cases the opposite is true.

Worse than losing your money is to lose the borrowed.

Gambling is an addiction and joining it with ill-considered loans is a journey to hell . Don’t borrow, even if you win a certain amount of money initially and get motivated to continue playing.

4. New car

4. New car

Buying a new car just because a neighbor / colleague / brother just bought is also not reasonable.

Do you live in a village and come to work? In that case, the car appears to be a necessity, but there is also a solution without lending: the older car you pay in cash. The car is so on the road that early city congestion and few parking spaces are a daily reality. At the same time, in many cases you can get to work faster by public transport.

However, by paying for the car, the expenses do not stop – add the UGS, refueling, maintenance, technical inspections, eventually the highway stamp and immediately count several hundred euros per year in addition.

However, if you need a new car, choose it with regard to its usefulness and not the most advanced technology, the strongest engine and so on. This will cost you more PZP and you will use much more fuel when you drive to work, which is an extra cost.

Article TIP: Read What Pays More – Loan or Car Leasing .

5. New household equipment

5. New household equipment

Changing furniture just because you ceased to like it after a month? Buy unnecessary appliances that you already have and work without problems? As with other things, think carefully about whether a loan and interest paid are whimsical and not enough for what you currently own.

When to borrow? If an emergency occurs , for example, a pipe breaks or a boiler needs to be replaced, it is perfectly good to borrow for the necessary repair . The same applies if the roof needs to be reconstructed, old windows replaced. However, always consider whether the situation is so acute that you cannot save money and you need to take out a loan.

6. Branded clothing, latest phone

6. Branded clothing, latest phone

Renting on expensive handbags, shoes or clothes is very unwise. In psychology, even a diagnosis of addiction to purchases has emerged as a problem for today’s consumer society. If you do not have branded clothing, then just unbranded will suffice. Purpose fulfills as well.

The same is true for the latest phone, tablet or other electronics. If you were to take a loan, you’d better choose a cheaper model that you can afford to pay for your own cash. It is not reasonable to indebt because of material things that lose value when you unpack them and remove the price tag.

7. A loan for a better future for children

Indebtedness because your children want to live in their own or can’t find a job will not help them or you.

He needs the labor market of young and skilled people, so your children will be sure to find a job while actively searching. Today, it is also normal to share an apartment with other roommates while saving some cash. Nor do they need a new car and a new phone if you owe it.

8. Flamboyant gifts

8. Flamboyant gifts

Christmas, birthdays and other holidays are an opportunity to please your loved ones. Well no debt! The pressure of ads before Christmas is intense, so taking a gift for gifts can be very tempting.

However, if your loved ones like you, any gift does not change and, moreover, the excitement of the gifts would not be great if they found that you had taken out a loan for them.

Gifts can be bought continuously several weeks before Christmas, so that the family budget does not suffer too much shock. In addition, on the Internet there is a lot of tutorials on how to make a beautiful gift for a few euros at home for all ages.

9. Wedding or life jubilee loan

9. Wedding or life jubilee loan

Although a child’s wedding is certainly a big event, it is very irresponsible to owe it to her. Weddings are not cheap, but everything doesn’t have to go out of your pocket . All you need to pay gradually, if you make a deposit for the reservation and pay later.

The same scenario applies to spectacular celebrations where you will invite dozens of people, even if you can’t afford to do so. Expensive restaurant can also replace the garden grill, which is more relaxed and much less expensive for you.


Rent a car when you need it or repair a house damage is common, but always recalculate whether you can pay monthly installments.

Don’t borrow at any price from unverified people or companies you can’t find trusted information. Especially on the Internet there are many fraudsters who are trying to earn forbidden charges from people in desperate situations.

TIP: The verified non-bank companies we work with will provide you with a loan of up to € 5,000. Just fill out an online loan application and wait for a call to bid. You can have money for the second day . Are the conditions of the loan offered unsuitable? You can refuse it and wait for a better offer.