The goal of Berlinda Bank is to take actions regarding environmental protection. For this reason, Berlinda Bank provides, among others preferential loans for ecological activities. If you have any questions about the new service or the current offer, we can find out by calling the helpline at Berlinda Bank .

Berlinda Bank history

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Bank Ochrony Środowiska is a commercial enterprise founded in 1991 in Warsaw. After six years of operation, its shares went to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The bank wanted to show Poles that thanks to an ecological approach one can not only save but also earn. To date, Berlinda Bank has financed projects related to environmental protection with a total value of approximately USD 20 billion.

What characterizes this bank is that it supports actions taken to protect the environment. The Berlinda bank’s offer includes products targeted at individual clients, micro-enterprises, medium and large companies, as well as housing associations and NGOs.

At the bank, we can set up a personal account

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Obtain a payment card, take a loan or take advantage of ECO savings. The latter service helps to manage the finances from which we maintain our own home. In addition, the bank prepared a leasing offer for entrepreneurs.

Of course, Berlinda Bank also has financial products related to ecology. Thanks to this, we can count on, among others loans for thermo-modernization or purchase and assembly of devices that contribute to environmental protection. It is also worth knowing that the deposits accumulated in Berlinda Bank are secured by the Bank Guarantee Fund. Thanks to this, the services offered by the bank are completely secure.

Also check the elixir sessions and transfers to the account at Bank Ochrony Środowiska. Get to know the swift / iban / bic code at Berlinda Bank needed for foreign transfers.

However, you must take into account that the costs associated with the recovery of an incorrectly sent transfer may fall on you. Detailed information related to the procedure of recovering a transfer sent to the wrong account number can be found on the website of the Financial Ombudsman.