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Avoid Debt Trap: 9 Things You Don’t Want to Borrow

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People’s financial habits have changed over the last decades. In the past, saving accounts and passbooks were common where families were saving. But the availability of material things often leads to judicious decisions and buying what we don’t really need. A critique at The lack of money in the family budget is then most […]

How to Pay Less on a Loan?

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  Often unforeseen situations happen in our lives and, alas, they do not always bring joy. Illness of relatives, fire in the house, death of a loved one, etc. All these circumstances not only traumatize the psyche, but also deliver a significant blow to the pocket, which in our time not everyone is able to […]

The Saving Deficit in America

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  USA Today reported that in January the average household spent $ 575.00 OVER their budget. This means that they spent much more money than they had received. Not only does America spend more and more money, they also save less. Spending is healthy for an economy only when they save money at the same […]

Savvy Money Review – Plans to Pay off Debt Quickly

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 The biggest key to improving your financial profile is simple: you must pay off and eliminate your credit card and personal debt. While this can be an overwhelming task to tackle, oPantaloonine tools can help you reach your goals. One such oPantaloonine tool is SavvyMoney (formerly By using one of their plans, you can […]

How Not to Pay the Loan Legally

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When you make any loan between the lender and the borrower, an agreement is concluded, according to which the procedure for the return of funds, as well as the rights and obligations of each party to the transaction. A monthly payment schedule is attached to the contract, which the borrower must comply with. If the […]