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Banks expect the CzheN bank to tighten mortgage lending in connection with the planned publication of the Financial Stability Report. The plan should contain restrictions on the amount of the repayment and the loan in proportion to the applicant’s income.

This restriction will come alongside the current rules, where the maximum amount of provided funds has been limited for a relatively long time in relation to the value of the collateral property. However, the specific form of the measure is not yet clear.

For some time, the CzheN bank has promised further restrictions on mortgage approval to people who do not prove to have a sufficiently high income – given the amount of the mortgage they apply for. Banks expected to have limited opportunities to lend to people whose repayments account for more than 40 percent of their monthly net income.

At the same time, the total amount of the mortgage is more than eight times the annual net income. As a result, the reality is slightly milder, but the CzheN bank was not so strict in the end.

45 percent of monthly income and nine times annual income

45 percent of monthly income and nine times annual income

As a result, the new mortgage limits are set so that the monthly repayment may not exceed 45 percent of the applicant’s net monthly income. And the total amount of the mortgage should not be more than nine times the annual net income of the mortgage applicant. Of course, the previous restrictions on the value of the mortgaged property still apply.

The new conditions will affect quite a lot of people

The new conditions will affect quite a lot of people

Even 30 percent of those who have a mortgage at Spenda FriR would not reach the mortgage under the current conditions. With bank clients, the situation is somewhat better, but even so, about twenty percent of current clients with mortgages already approved would not have reached the new mortgage.

A narrower view is offered by a narrow survey, where we would only look at clients who received a mortgage last year – that is, after the introduction of the first limit on the value of the property. Of these clients, only about a tenth of the current system would not have passed through, which is no longer such an alarming rate.

Just recall that, around a year and a half ago, banks were advised not to provide mortgages above 90 percent of the collateral value. And to provide only 15 percent of all mortgages between 80 and 90 percent of the value of the collateral.

Exception for five percent

Exception for five percent

The CzheN bank has allowed five percent of mortgage applicants to remain above this limit. For these five percent of applicants, the limits can be exceeded in terms of both monthly and annual income.

This means that, in fact, of all those who received the mortgage last year, only about five percent of applicants would fail. Nor would they be in an unsolvable situation.

Banks already offer the possibility to apply for a mortgage, for example, together with parents. In a way that allows parents’ property to break out of debt quite soon after the start of repayment of the mortgage.

Only new mortgages are limited

Only new mortgages are limited

As expected, the current restrictions will only apply to new applicants for a new mortgage. This means that they do not apply to current clients – at the moment when they need to apply for a mortgage refinancing with another bank where they can get lower and more advantageous interest rates. In this case, the new restrictions are not relevant at all.

Will the CNB teach us to save on housing in advance?

Will the CNB teach us to save on housing in advance?

The CzheN bank is taking its restrictive measures for several reasons. The main reason, of course, is to protect the banks she is in charge of. It supervises them and also has to protect them against bankruptcy, within the limits allowed by law.

The protection in the form of maximum repayment limits and the total amount of the mortgage is that if worse economic times occurred and households would have a relatively reduced income or lost their regular income from employment, banks would be at risk of default on a large part of their clients.

And this could not only weaken them, but also lay down in terms of liquidity.

However, the measure also protects households themselves. It is to teach them that it is necessary to think about housing at a young age and to save on it. Parents should learn to save their children from their early childhood.

As it turns out, children will need more and more money in advance. The bonus of this system is that if people are forced to save something for housing first, then they should not have a problem even with savings to repay the mortgage.

Change in the situation of pensioners on the loan market Free first loan Mon, 11 Nov 2019 13:29:40 +0000

Until recently, retirees were the most numerous group that used payday loans to repair their budget. Today their situation is changing, more and more frequent indexations and higher and higher pensions allow to meet their basic needs. In addition, retirees are helping younger generations today in difficult and crisis situations. What kind of customer is currently a pensioner on the payday loans market? And what does he borrow money for most?

Polish pensioner is getting richer

money cash

In today’s uncertain times of the eternal financial crisis, retirement income is almost like winning a lottery. Due to the more frequent and greater indexation of pensions in Poland, their sum is gradually increasing, and thus the standard of living of the elderly is improved. Of course, this is a statistical average and not everyone, although an increasing majority can finally rest peacefully in retirement.

Pensioners financially support children and grandchildren

money cash

According to the Jerrel survey of 2017, every seventh pensioner regularly helps his loved ones. Although 59% of people aged 60 years retired report that they do not provide financial support to their relatives, a third of the remaining 41% help their family at least once a month. The average amount of such non-returnable assistance is about USD 431 per month.

Situation of pensioners on the loan market

money cash

If the pensions of seniors are getting bigger and bigger, are they still using quick payday loans? Yes, pensioners still borrow money, but mainly for the needs of children and grandchildren! The average sum of credits and loans taken by the elderly to help younger family members ranges from USD 9,700 to 9,900, and for themselves – only USD 6,700.

Mostly the money borrowed is used for current expenses and bills for loved ones, but also for them for renovation, purchase of furniture, household appliances or electronics. Interestingly, in addition to meeting their own needs, pensioners borrow cash to give as a gift for a wedding, baptism or holy communion in the family. For themselves, however, Polish seniors still spend the most on health – medications, visits to specialists or private procedures. More and more, but in comparison with German neighbors, they are still far too little investing in culture, recreation or even travel. A pensioner in Poland still spends his time and holidays on his own plot or in the backyard garden, and he eats mainly at home.

Berlinda Bank Wed, 09 Oct 2019 08:36:02 +0000


The goal of Berlinda Bank is to take actions regarding environmental protection. For this reason, Berlinda Bank provides, among others preferential loans for ecological activities. If you have any questions about the new service or the current offer, we can find out by calling the helpline at Berlinda Bank .

Berlinda Bank history

money cash

Bank Ochrony Środowiska is a commercial enterprise founded in 1991 in Warsaw. After six years of operation, its shares went to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The bank wanted to show Poles that thanks to an ecological approach one can not only save but also earn. To date, Berlinda Bank has financed projects related to environmental protection with a total value of approximately USD 20 billion.

What characterizes this bank is that it supports actions taken to protect the environment. The Berlinda bank’s offer includes products targeted at individual clients, micro-enterprises, medium and large companies, as well as housing associations and NGOs.

At the bank, we can set up a personal account

money cash

Obtain a payment card, take a loan or take advantage of ECO savings. The latter service helps to manage the finances from which we maintain our own home. In addition, the bank prepared a leasing offer for entrepreneurs.

Of course, Berlinda Bank also has financial products related to ecology. Thanks to this, we can count on, among others loans for thermo-modernization or purchase and assembly of devices that contribute to environmental protection. It is also worth knowing that the deposits accumulated in Berlinda Bank are secured by the Bank Guarantee Fund. Thanks to this, the services offered by the bank are completely secure.

Also check the elixir sessions and transfers to the account at Bank Ochrony Środowiska. Get to know the swift / iban / bic code at Berlinda Bank needed for foreign transfers.

However, you must take into account that the costs associated with the recovery of an incorrectly sent transfer may fall on you. Detailed information related to the procedure of recovering a transfer sent to the wrong account number can be found on the website of the Financial Ombudsman.

Avoid Debt Trap: 9 Things You Don’t Want to Borrow Fri, 05 Apr 2019 14:07:32 +0000

People’s financial habits have changed over the last decades. In the past, saving accounts and passbooks were common where families were saving. But the availability of material things often leads to judicious decisions and buying what we don’t really need. A critique at

The lack of money in the family budget is then most easily resolved by borrowing. The availability of loans and various tempting offers have resulted in the fact that we are lending more and more.

Certainly, if you are sure that during the repayment period you will be able to pay the installment every month without problems, taking the loan is perfectly fine.

People have ceased to perceive the border between what they can and cannot afford and spend money on things without which they could still fully live.

With such ill-considered lending, they find themselves in a debt trap from which they only get in a very complicated way. They do not realize that the fast and easily available money is not theirs.

It is easier to think and consider risks ahead of time than to solve the problem of getting out of debt or bailing out execution or personal bankruptcy due to ill-considered borrowing.

1. Holiday


You will not enjoy your holiday on debt

Delighting a family with a luxury holiday is certainly not a bad idea, but only if you can afford to pay it from your own pocket. This is because you don’t have to go for a lot of money if you buy a last minute meal, but let us not agree.

Even if you buy any trip, holiday spending is not over. You will definitely want to see the surrounding area, buy something memorable and it all costs more money.

The loan is the ultimate solution to solve the necessary financial expenses . Honestly, would you enjoy your vacation when you know you bought it for debt?

When to borrow? Another is to take a study stay loan or a foreign language course, especially if you have a better job.

2. Payment of old debts

2. Payment of old debts

Time to repay old loans is approaching, but you don’t have the money available? The easiest thing to do is to take a new loan and repay the old debt. Think, you are just getting into a debt trap that makes it difficult to escape.

If you owe another company and you are unable to continue to pay the installments , the same situation occurs with the new loan. Therefore, try to request a deferred payment or a repayment schedule. Communication is the most important, and a company you owe will also appreciate a fair approach.

Do you owe money to your friends or family? When you explain the situation to them , they will certainly hold you and move the due date to a different date. Take it as a warning finger to make it more responsive and avoid the same situation in the future.

Article TIP: Do not lend to friends or family without a contract

3. Gambling

3. Gambling

People often play gambling in the hope that they will succeed in improving their financial situation. They are inspired by acquaintances who have happened to win nice money, but in 99% of cases the opposite is true.

Worse than losing your money is to lose the borrowed.

Gambling is an addiction and joining it with ill-considered loans is a journey to hell . Don’t borrow, even if you win a certain amount of money initially and get motivated to continue playing.

4. New car

4. New car

Buying a new car just because a neighbor / colleague / brother just bought is also not reasonable.

Do you live in a village and come to work? In that case, the car appears to be a necessity, but there is also a solution without lending: the older car you pay in cash. The car is so on the road that early city congestion and few parking spaces are a daily reality. At the same time, in many cases you can get to work faster by public transport.

However, by paying for the car, the expenses do not stop – add the UGS, refueling, maintenance, technical inspections, eventually the highway stamp and immediately count several hundred euros per year in addition.

However, if you need a new car, choose it with regard to its usefulness and not the most advanced technology, the strongest engine and so on. This will cost you more PZP and you will use much more fuel when you drive to work, which is an extra cost.

Article TIP: Read What Pays More – Loan or Car Leasing .

5. New household equipment

5. New household equipment

Changing furniture just because you ceased to like it after a month? Buy unnecessary appliances that you already have and work without problems? As with other things, think carefully about whether a loan and interest paid are whimsical and not enough for what you currently own.

When to borrow? If an emergency occurs , for example, a pipe breaks or a boiler needs to be replaced, it is perfectly good to borrow for the necessary repair . The same applies if the roof needs to be reconstructed, old windows replaced. However, always consider whether the situation is so acute that you cannot save money and you need to take out a loan.

6. Branded clothing, latest phone

6. Branded clothing, latest phone

Renting on expensive handbags, shoes or clothes is very unwise. In psychology, even a diagnosis of addiction to purchases has emerged as a problem for today’s consumer society. If you do not have branded clothing, then just unbranded will suffice. Purpose fulfills as well.

The same is true for the latest phone, tablet or other electronics. If you were to take a loan, you’d better choose a cheaper model that you can afford to pay for your own cash. It is not reasonable to indebt because of material things that lose value when you unpack them and remove the price tag.

7. A loan for a better future for children

Indebtedness because your children want to live in their own or can’t find a job will not help them or you.

He needs the labor market of young and skilled people, so your children will be sure to find a job while actively searching. Today, it is also normal to share an apartment with other roommates while saving some cash. Nor do they need a new car and a new phone if you owe it.

8. Flamboyant gifts

8. Flamboyant gifts

Christmas, birthdays and other holidays are an opportunity to please your loved ones. Well no debt! The pressure of ads before Christmas is intense, so taking a gift for gifts can be very tempting.

However, if your loved ones like you, any gift does not change and, moreover, the excitement of the gifts would not be great if they found that you had taken out a loan for them.

Gifts can be bought continuously several weeks before Christmas, so that the family budget does not suffer too much shock. In addition, on the Internet there is a lot of tutorials on how to make a beautiful gift for a few euros at home for all ages.

9. Wedding or life jubilee loan

9. Wedding or life jubilee loan

Although a child’s wedding is certainly a big event, it is very irresponsible to owe it to her. Weddings are not cheap, but everything doesn’t have to go out of your pocket . All you need to pay gradually, if you make a deposit for the reservation and pay later.

The same scenario applies to spectacular celebrations where you will invite dozens of people, even if you can’t afford to do so. Expensive restaurant can also replace the garden grill, which is more relaxed and much less expensive for you.


Rent a car when you need it or repair a house damage is common, but always recalculate whether you can pay monthly installments.

Don’t borrow at any price from unverified people or companies you can’t find trusted information. Especially on the Internet there are many fraudsters who are trying to earn forbidden charges from people in desperate situations.

TIP: The verified non-bank companies we work with will provide you with a loan of up to € 5,000. Just fill out an online loan application and wait for a call to bid. You can have money for the second day . Are the conditions of the loan offered unsuitable? You can refuse it and wait for a better offer.


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How to Pay Less on a Loan? Mon, 01 Apr 2019 14:31:51 +0000 Often unforeseen situations happen in our lives and, alas, they do not always bring joy. Illness of relatives, fire in the house, death of a loved one, etc. All these circumstances not only traumatize the psyche, but also deliver a significant blow to the pocket, which in our time not everyone is able to accept. And if we take into account that in every country a loan hangs over every eighth person, it becomes clear that it is doubly difficult for them. Is it possible to reduce the burden of consumer or trust loan in case of force majeure? It turns out you can. There are several options for how to pay less on a loan. More information at

Is it possible to pay a loan less than a monthly payment?

Debt restructuring, as an opportunity to reduce the payment

1. The first option is debt restructuring. The point is that the borrower applies to his bank with a request to grant deferred payment of the principal or interest rate. The bank has the right to offer the client three ways of debt restructuring:

– credit holidays. The borrower is given time to solve personal problems and at this time he is exempt from paying the main or percentage portion of the debt. Of course, for this, the borrower must have a clean credit history and guarantees of debt repayment in the future. It is possible to draw up an individual loan repayment schedule in which some part of the principal or interest rate is subject to deferment;

– prolongation. It provides for an increase in the loan repayment period, as a result of which the borrower’s monthly payment is reduced. However, banks, as a rule, at the same time increase the interest rate on the loan;

– full or partial write-off of the loan.

Refinancing a loan to reduce interest rates

2. The second option to reduce the loan burden is to refinance loans from other banks. This option is today the most common and popular, both from credit institutions and from individuals.

The essence of refinancing is that the borrower takes a new loan from another bank to pay off the old one. In this case, there are several possible benefits for the borrower:

– first, the total interest rate on the loan can be reduced;

– secondly, it is possible to increase the loan repayment period for a certain time, which will allow the borrower to solve the arising force majeure problems. Most often, the owners of large loans with a long maturity, for example, people who have issued a mortgage loan, resort to refinancing. When refinancing, the borrower needs guarantor guarantees or the availability of collateral, as a guarantee of loan repayment.

Appeal to the court for refusal of bank commissions

3. And, finally, the last option for a possible reduction of the credit burden is an application to the court with a statement of claim for the payment of commissions that were accrued illegally. It is no secret that almost all banks, in addition to the principal amounts prescribed in the contract, also charge a fee, and sometimes they can be taken literally from the air. For example, there should be no commission for opening and maintaining an account. In addition, the decision in favor of the borrower can be made in the event that he paid for something else beyond what is written in the contract.

Meanwhile, it should be remembered that not all commissions can be recognized by the court as unlawful. And I don’t want to bring the case to court.

In custody

Many readers ask what will happen if you pay the loan less than the amount due and in general is it acceptable? This is most likely permissible, but only with the permission of the bank and the registration of the relevant document. A good example is loan restructuring.
If you decide to pay the loan less than the amount agreed in the contract, this will immediately affect your credit history, which will make it more difficult to get a loan from credit institutions. In addition, according to your loan agreement, you will be charged penalties.

By the way, we recommend reading the material on what will happen if you do not pay the loan Sherlock, as some borrowers, consciously or not, are taking this desperate step.

Thus, there are methods that make it possible to alleviate the financial position of the loan holder under force majeure circumstances. But it is necessary to approach this question extremely responsibly and scrupulously. If a person did decide to take a loan, whether to buy an apartment or buy a car, it is necessary to approach the choice of the creditor bank with maximum responsibility. You should study the rating of his assets, carefully examine the documents required for the execution of the contract, analyze the reviews of the bank of his former and current clients. With such a reasonable and balanced approach, problems with a loan, in case of unforeseen circumstances, should not arise.

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The Saving Deficit in America Thu, 28 Mar 2019 16:51:13 +0000


USA Today reported that in January the average household spent $ 575.00 OVER their budget. This means that they spent much more money than they had received. Not only does America spend more and more money, they also save less. Spending is healthy for an economy only when they save money at the same time. The article revealed that many economists are not worried about spending levels. I think they are idiots. Just because they are economists does not mean that they do not buy a 50 “plasma TV on the 29% Best Buy credit card. If the average household spends hundreds of euros on the budget every month, that worries me.

The most frustrating part is that I am just one person, and there are many financial people who think that debt is not the problem. I hear and read from financial experts that debt is a tool, debt is your friend if you know how to use it properly. How? Guilt makes me feel like a slave. I’m a slave to the lender. They have all the power. As soon as I faulter, they can get rid of what they want quickly. Do you want to live your whole life in slavery for the sake of living in a $ 400,000 home with an interest-only loan and driving a lexus? Or would you rather retire in a paid house with a Toyota camry and enough money to do all the travel you have ever dreamed of? It is something to think about. My challenge is not to hate your friend who works for the credit card company. My challenge for you is to delay pleasure so that your life can be enjoyable later. We live in a culture that immediately wants it our way. Try to make one decision in the next 7 days that postpones your impulsive urge to have something pleasant. If you like food, what is more fun for you … spend 20 dollars on 20 cheeseburgers, or spend 20 dollars on a nice, juicy steak? I would take the steak every day.

Contrary to what many couples think, opening a joint Jarndyce family-friendly bank account is a big financial step. This means trusting each other, as well as trusting that the other person will act responsibly. Most couples who are interested in opening a joint Jarndyce familyijk account are newlyweds.


How to better organize makeup – 5 essential tips

If you are completely obsessed with beauty products, buying and sampling the newest goods is not the problem – it tries to save them all. My makeup drawer is flooded with beauty products, from old standby favorites to impulse purchases that I don’t even like anymore


Savvy Money Review – Plans to Pay off Debt Quickly Wed, 27 Feb 2019 18:09:02 +0000

 The biggest key to improving your financial profile is simple: you must pay off and eliminate your credit card and personal debt. While this can be an overwhelming task to tackle, oPantaloonine tools can help you reach your goals.

One such oPantaloonine tool is SavvyMoney (formerly By using one of their plans, you can pay off and eliminate debts without having to increase your monthly income. There are plenty of ways to generate more income, but to get out of debt faster, SavvyMoney is an interesting option.

How it works

How it works

The setup process is fairly simple. You start by entering all your personal debt and bank details, which are automatically linked to your oPantaloonine accounts or by entering the information manually. If you choose the first option, simply enter the username and password for all accounts. If you enter the debt and account details manually, you must enter your current balance, the APR and the due date for each invoice.

Once the information is received, SavvyMoney automatically calculates your monthly minimum payment and you get a global picture of your current debt situation: your total current debt, which you must pay each month if you only make the minimum payment, and an expected debt-free date.

Then make a repayment plan for yourself. The website offers three preprogrammed plans that you can choose from as part of the SmartPay Plan function:

  1. Stack up debt . Here you first pay the debts with the highest interest, and you pay the minimum payments to the others.
  2. Snowball . With the debt snowball option you first pay for the cards with the lowest balances while you make the lowest payments on the others.
  3. Custom . Here you can adjust your plan to include parts of the stacking and snowball effect or to target a specific debt first.


Most important features

  • Plan comparisons . Whether you select one of the three plans from SavvyMoney or have no plan at all, you can compare and compare your options. It gives you an overview of your projected total monthly payment, what you save in interest and the expected date on which you are debt-free.
  • Compatibility . You can change your plan whenever you want, if you conclude that your current one is not working. You can also add and delete accounts as your financial image changes.
  • User friendliness . Your dashboard illustrates the overview of the plan you choose in easy-to-read graphs. It shows your current debt level, how much you have paid, your current monthly commitment and your expected debt-free date. The tool also has sliding calculators available, so you can see how much you will save if you increase your monthly payment.
  • Security . The site uses bank-level encryption software, so all information you enter on the site is always safe and secure. Your information is never shared or sold to external third parties.



  1. Provides information . SavvyMoney offers articles and advice on various topics related to creditworthiness, debts, expenses and saving. They explore the basics of prudent financial management of money, but also participate in a wide range of other topics, including home improvements, teenagers, and money, how debtPantaloonast can affect your marriage and more. There is also a forum where you can ask the experts questions and share your own experiences.
  2. Assist with tariff negotiation . I have researched several debt payment instruments, and this is the first to explain how easy it is to negotiate a lower interest rate for one of your debt accounts. Moreover, they even offer a fake script that you can use when you call.
  3. Can enter accounts manually . This is important if you are wary of entering multiple usernames and passwords for your oPantaloonine debt accounts. However, manual entry of account information requires much more time and attention on your part. For each account you must enter the type of account, your current balance, the interest rate and the due date. You must also enter each payment made for these accounts manually.
  4. Follows progress . SavvyMoney keeps track of your payments and balances to keep you on track with your plan. As payments are entered, you are shown how much money is spent on the principal and how much interest you save during the term of the debt.



  1. Requires a credit card . If you want to sign up for a free seven-day trial, you must provide your credit card information. If you try the service and you do not want to subscribe, you must cancel your account to avoid any costs.
  2. The costs are relatively high . A subscription to SavvyMoney costs $ 14.95 per month. Although they offer tools and benefits to help you solve your personal debt, you may find other free options.

Last word

Last word

When you try to get out of debt, you may not want to add extra monthly costs. However, SavvyMoney could be worth the cost if you love the debt management tool and it helps you eliminate thousands of dollars in debt.

But don’t forget that nobody will manage your finances for you. That job is squared on your shoulders, regardless of the debt management plan you use. SavvyMoney is certainly a tool that you can use to get your finances on the right track, but by eliminating unnecessary expenses in your life and by spending less than you earn every month, you are sure that you are preparing for a financially healthy future.

Do you have personal experience with SavvyMoney? What do you think about the tool?

Tax statements for charitable contributions and donations

In general, Americans are a generous party. According to Giving USA, gifts to US charities in 2016 amounted to $ 390.05 billion. Perhaps a motivation to be generous is that qualified charitable contributions are deductible from your taxes. December is often a particularly active month for donations, as only donations made during the tax year are deductible from a tax return for that year

What is conscious capitalism – definition, social responsibility in business

The idea that a growing economy benefits all classes has a long acceptance history. It has been embedded in political rhetoric for the past half century, regardless of celebration – in fact John F. Kennedy is credited with the saying: “An emerging tide cancels all boats.” The theory – popularized as trickle-down economics – assumes economic policy that ultimately benefits the rich, benefits everyone


How Not to Pay the Loan Legally Sat, 09 Feb 2019 15:43:34 +0000 When you make any loan between the lender and the borrower, an agreement is concluded, according to which the procedure for the return of funds, as well as the rights and obligations of each party to the transaction. A monthly payment schedule is attached to the contract, which the borrower must comply with. If the payment schedule is not followed, the bank applies penalties, which are also spelled out in the contract, and begins the process of debt collection (for more details, see how the bank collects credit debt ).

How not to pay the loan legally

How not to pay the loan legally

Now many borrowers are in a difficult situation: the amount of income stays in place or is declining, and prices are rising everywhere, the expenditure side of the budget is becoming more voluminous. And if a citizen had previously been able to repay a loan without problems, now it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. That is why in the credit market there is a huge increase in overdue loans, and borrowers are interested in how not to pay the loan legally. Indeed, a borrower can legally get rid of credit debt, but this path will not be very easy.

If you stopped paying a loan

If you stopped paying a loan

We will consider the situation from the other side that the borrower simply stops paying the loan, without making any partial repayments of overdue debt. If you have already formed a decent debt, then in most cases partial depositing of funds is useless. The collectors or the bank collection service will insist that the borrower contribute anything to the account. But in the end, all the same, interest and interest will be charged on the remaining amount, soon the debt will again reach its previous size. Your payments will fall into a bottomless barrel.

By the way, we recommend reading to each borrower what to do if there is nothing to pay a loan to Sherlock , because the situations in life are different.

If you stop paying the loan at all, then all the banks use approximately one algorithm of actions, they try to put the debtor in the payment schedule first, and then at least somehow recover the loan issued earlier. All actions have a clear algorithm, which ends up with the fact that the bank is suing, and the bailiff service will be responsible for collecting the debt. And it is precisely at this final stage that you can legally get rid of debts, but on the way to this borrower you will have to endure the bank employees and collectors for a long time. So, the way to write off debt will not be close.

Start of the way: the bank is trying to return the debt

Start of the way: the bank is trying to return the debt

1. When the borrower has just delayed the first monthly payment, they begin to call him from the bank. They are interested in the reasons for the delay, ask when payment will arrive. If the payment did not come on the promised date, the calls begin more and more often. Many citizens in this case make the decision to change the number or simply not to answer calls of unfamiliar numbers. But this is fraught with the fact that the bank will start to call the work phone or the telephone numbers of the contact persons that the borrower indicated when submitting a loan application form.

2. Soon, a representative of the bank can come to the house to the debtor for a conversation, settlement of the issue. If nothing helps, then in 3-6 months the case can be transferred to the collection agency for collection. A tougher sanction process has begun here, which can last about six months.

3. Only by overcoming the pressure first of the collection service of the bank, and then of the collection agency, the borrower will be in the way of writing off the loan debt, that is, by a method of lawfully avoiding the obligation to pay credit accounts. If at these stages you begin to make partial closure of the debt under the pressure of the claimants, then the whole procedure is delayed.

Your task is to bring the case to court to make the case turned into the work of the bailiffs. But from the moment of the first delay of payment until the bank submits to the court, it may take about a year, therefore the debtor needs to have iron nerves to withstand the pressure.

Organization of the trial

Organization of the trial

It’s better to declare so immediately to the claimants that they send the case to the court that you will only pay by court decision. Soon, the bank really will not have anything else – he will send a claim to the court, according to which the borrower will be awarded a return of the debt. As a rule, the amount of debt by court decision is significantly reduced, penalties and fines are removed in full or in part.

After the court’s decision enters into legal force, the debt will be fixed and clearly marked. Now the loan debt will not grow, and the bailiff service will take care of debt collection. And the bailiffs have clearly legally defined tools for interacting with the debtor and collecting the debt. They will not go beyond the limits specified by law, which you can use in order not to pay the loan legally.

How bailiffs will work

How bailiffs will work

There are three methods of influence on debtors, which are usually applied in stages. Do not wait for the bailiffs of zeal in the process of recovery and operational action. This body is simply overwhelmed with various matters, so it may take 1-2 months before the debtor sees any actions. And the actions will be the following:

Recovery of 50% of the debtor’s salary in repayment of credit debt. The bailiff, through the tax service, finds out where the citizen works and sends to the place of work a writ of execution. On its basis, deduction is imposed on the part of the salary.

Arrest of accounts and funds being on them. The police officer sends requests to various banks in order to find the debtor’s accounts. If they are found, they are arrested, all funds are transferred to the bank. If in the future something goes to these accounts, that this money is also transferred to the bank.

Arrest of the debtor’s property and selling it at auction. The proceeds go to repay the loan debt. Prior to the direct sale, the bailiff gives the debtor time to pay off the debt on his own, simply by listing the property. If the debt is not repaid, then the property and take.

These are the three methods that bailiffs practice. More than anything, the law does not allow them, if only a ban on traveling abroad to establish.

How to avoid paying a loan

How to avoid paying a loan

Since we already know what methods the bailiffs will undertake to collect the debt, you need to prepare for them in advance. An important point for those who own a car is that the police officer at the beginning of your interaction with him just in case will prohibit registration actions on your vehicle. You cannot sell it. This is done just in case. If it comes to the recovery of property, the police officer will impose an arrest on the vehicle and can take it from the debtor (for more information, can the vehicle be collected for debt on the loan and the recovery process itself). So, if you own a car, rewrite it to someone else before making a judgment.

If you work unofficially, the bailiff will not be able to seize part of your salary. If you do not have bank accounts or they are not valid, then this method of collection does not apply to you either. If the debtor has no salary or bills, then the bailiff has nothing else to do but try to find and sell the property of a citizen.

But here, too, is not so simple. The same apartment can be taken away if its price corresponds to the credit debt, but if minors are registered in it or it is the only property of the debtor, then no one will take the apartment.

With the inventory of the property is also not all simple, if the debtor does not live on registration. Only the property located at the place of residence of the citizen can be taken away. And this place still needs to be found. If desired, the borrower will ensure that the bailiff does not know his whereabouts. Or it will be necessary to somehow prove that the valuable property found does not belong to the borrower, but to other persons.

Write off debt

Write off debt

If the debtor does not have accounts, there is no official salary, the property is not found, then what remains of the bailiff? He can no longer act on the debtor, so he sends a document to the bank stating that it is impossible to collect the debt, since the debtor does not have property and funds that could go to cover the debt. The bank can again organize the recovery process, returning the decision to the bailiff. But it will resemble a vicious circle, as a result, the police officer still can not do anything. He will return the execution list to the bank time after time.

After a certain time, the bank will come to the conclusion that it will be forced to simply write off credit debt. In fact, every year banks total billions of credit debts. These are debts that are called hopeless. But up to this point from the date of the first delay may take several years.

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